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Lover of podfics and all the other fannish stuff <3

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Lover of podfics and all the other fannish stuff. I threw myself in a podfic world on twitter and as you might know my life has changes forever! I don't record podfics or write fanfics, but I have a feeling that this will come to change at some point. World of podfic fandom is pretty strong and they know what they want, so I can't say that I will never write a fic or record a podfic, seriously I just can't. =}

When it comes to fandoms, I can't really pick my favorite one - so basically I'm open for anything and I don't have any top fandoms. Manga / anime is totally strange area for me though, so if you want to give an helping hand, go ahead I would love that <3

I don't talk much about my personal life, but what I can share with internet is that I'm a female, between 25-30 years old and I'm ESL (Europe).

I also tried to write something in here, but I think it will be updated at some point, since I did it in a hurry and kind of just wanted something up in there.

I'm talkative and friendly person, so don't be afraid to say hey, even if we don't know before =]

Journal is public, and people are free to add me if they want. Give me a shout if you want me to add you back / if I haven't added you yet!!
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