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Nov. 13th, 2012 02:51 pm
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Hi, I go by as Katerine and I'm totally in love with Podfics and fandom world. I've been a lurker for a year-ish now and finally decided to come out from the shadows and create some accounts; Twitter, DW, LJ and Tumblr. I'm not actually sure what are my fandoms or what fandoms I love the most, so that needs to be figured out soon-ish, I think =]

I've listen a lot of podfics and read some fan fics, but it's easier for me to just listen while doing some work, or going out to a run and so on. I'm familiar with the most of TOP podficcers such are Bessyboo, Paraka, Jenepod, and klb, I think I have listen all podfics from them no matter what fandom it has been. I do like others too and I'm always happy to check out new podficcers. When it comes to me podficcing or writing a fan fic - it's not really for me. Not because I'm ESL, but mostly because I have never been much of "out loud reader" or "story writer". I do like to interact with people though and that's the reason why I finally came out (it sounds like I came out from closet etc =]) - I saw how much fun people where having with each others on twitter and DW / LJ, so here I am.

I'm not sure what I will be writing in here, but I go with a flow =] And my LJ / DW account is not locked at the moment, so you are free to read and comment as much as you like. !!

For other info, please check out my profile =] 

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Please, click the name of the podfic to see more info and for download link.
I haven't included any warnings, so be sure to check them out too.

(If you thought that it was hard to choose the favorite ones, it was hard to explain why they're my favorite ones too, so sorry for not doing that)


untitled Klaine Drablle
Author: Slightestwind @ tumblr
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: Kurt’s reaction to hearing Blaine curse for the first time, for the Klain Firsts Prompt Meme
Reader: [personal profile] analise010 

On the line
Author: icedwhitemocha @ tumblr
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: -
Reader: [personal profile] klb , [personal profile] bessyboo  and [personal profile] jenepod 


Author: AlchemyAlice @ AO3
Pairing: Tony Stark / Bucky Barnes
Summary: Bucky is found by SHIELD. Tony wants a project. They meet somewhere in the middle.
Reader: [personal profile] regonym 

To be modified as necessary
Author: ignipes @ AO3
Pairing: mostly gen. Steve/Bucky, Jane/Thor, Clint/Natasha, Bucky/Natasha
Summary: They only need ten rules to ensure (relatively) peaceful cohabitation.
Reader: [personal profile] greedy_dancer 


Words whispered by firelight
Author: Tigerlady
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Summary: -
Reader: [personal profile] anatsuno 

Voicing my concerns (3 versions by 6 podficcers)
Author: Entanglednow
Pairing: Stiles / Derek
Summary: "I can't believe you got us arrested."
Reader: [personal profile] klb  & [personal profile] bessyboo , [personal profile] reena_jenkins  & [personal profile] jenepod , [personal profile] paraka  & [personal profile] heard_the_owl 

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I was going to do a rec list about the podfics I love, but it was just impossible to choose the favorite ones within one day, so what I decided to do is that I will do some small rec list every other day starting tomorrow. I'm not sure if that will be anything practical, but at least I will give it a chance. haha =]

I slept a bit longer today than I was supposed to, I woke up like 11 am and didn't do any tasks I should have done - that kind of bugs me now, cause if I don't do them right away or when I supposed to do them - I won't never do them or then they are in my mind until I have done them. That was a really awkward explaining from me, but anyhow. LOL!

I end up chatting with people on twitter, cleaning up my laptop, creating a LJ account and downloading all the [community profile] pod_aware  podcasts on my laptop, though so it's not like I wasn't doing nothing, right?!?

I also added all the DW [community profile] pod_aware  related entries on my memories! They're private now, but I will change them public as soon as I have cleaned them up =] 

Big thank you for everyone who made podcast etc for [community profile] pod_aware  for now, and I will be sure to upload all the other days podcasts too.
I'm bad with commenting but these thank you's are for everyone who ever posted something for [community profile] pod_aware , what could be downloaded.


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