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I was going to do a rec list about the podfics I love, but it was just impossible to choose the favorite ones within one day, so what I decided to do is that I will do some small rec list every other day starting tomorrow. I'm not sure if that will be anything practical, but at least I will give it a chance. haha =]

I slept a bit longer today than I was supposed to, I woke up like 11 am and didn't do any tasks I should have done - that kind of bugs me now, cause if I don't do them right away or when I supposed to do them - I won't never do them or then they are in my mind until I have done them. That was a really awkward explaining from me, but anyhow. LOL!

I end up chatting with people on twitter, cleaning up my laptop, creating a LJ account and downloading all the [community profile] pod_aware  podcasts on my laptop, though so it's not like I wasn't doing nothing, right?!?

I also added all the DW [community profile] pod_aware  related entries on my memories! They're private now, but I will change them public as soon as I have cleaned them up =] 

Big thank you for everyone who made podcast etc for [community profile] pod_aware  for now, and I will be sure to upload all the other days podcasts too.
I'm bad with commenting but these thank you's are for everyone who ever posted something for [community profile] pod_aware , what could be downloaded.


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