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Hi, I go by as Katerine and I'm totally in love with Podfics and fandom world. I've been a lurker for a year-ish now and finally decided to come out from the shadows and create some accounts; Twitter, DW, LJ and Tumblr. I'm not actually sure what are my fandoms or what fandoms I love the most, so that needs to be figured out soon-ish, I think =]

I've listen a lot of podfics and read some fan fics, but it's easier for me to just listen while doing some work, or going out to a run and so on. I'm familiar with the most of TOP podficcers such are Bessyboo, Paraka, Jenepod, and klb, I think I have listen all podfics from them no matter what fandom it has been. I do like others too and I'm always happy to check out new podficcers. When it comes to me podficcing or writing a fan fic - it's not really for me. Not because I'm ESL, but mostly because I have never been much of "out loud reader" or "story writer". I do like to interact with people though and that's the reason why I finally came out (it sounds like I came out from closet etc =]) - I saw how much fun people where having with each others on twitter and DW / LJ, so here I am.

I'm not sure what I will be writing in here, but I go with a flow =] And my LJ / DW account is not locked at the moment, so you are free to read and comment as much as you like. !!

For other info, please check out my profile =] 

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